Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"It didn't look real at all..." Parole Officer M Talbot Busts Man on Probation with "Whizzinator"

"Whizzinator" man Arrested!

"It didn't look real at all." With many years in law enforcement, but only three weeks on the job in his new position, Talbert says he had very good training. "He was very fidgety and he was very uncomfortable," said Talbert. "So it kind of forced me to look at him more intently and try to see what was going on." As part of the normal procedure, Talbert told drug offender, Donnie Pearson, to lower his pants and urinate in a cup. "He was trying to hide and he actually bladed his body toward me," said Talbert. "And he did not follow all of my instructions." And Talbert knew that something just didn't look right. "It was like a prosthetic penis," Talbert said. "A prosthetic penis strapped to like a jock strap." Also known as a 'Whizzinator.' 

You can read the entire story here, at KOB Albuquerque

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