Friday, January 17, 2014

Video from Inside the Santa Cruz County "Fun" Jail (According to Yelp Reviews)

This may be the only jail in the country with positive "yelp" reviews...

"I was the only one wearing jumpsuit so I looked like a hardened criminal. Some guy who resembled me liked it and I offered him to trade clothes. We did. When I took my booking photo they took him out instead of me. They realized we changed clothes and began to laugh and told me to behave. I took my picture and then was fingerprinted by my ex. She told me my fingers were not working right, I told her I burned them off when I was in the CIA. "I thought you were the DA of Fresno County?" I'm both! She was not impressed and did not fall for any of my advances. So again I reminded her our relationship was over and to put me back in my cell."

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