Friday, July 26, 2013

Always "Clean" Your Informant First - Informant Caught Planting Evidence on Unsuspecting Business Owner - Lawsuit Iminent

Scotia, often left out of the law enforcement spotlight as it's sandwiched between the cities of Saratoga and Schenectady whose crime news tends to get more media attention, is making headlines and will continue to make headlines as video footage showing a police informant planting crack cocaine on an unsuspecting business owner, Donald Andrews, and there's reason to believe the same informant has connections in at least 7 other cases.

 Andrews' attorney, Kevin Luibrand summed it up this way: “This is the first occasion that I’ve seen in 30 years where this has been captured on video,” Luibrand said. “It’s alleged, it’s talked about, lawyers often hear ‘I didn’t do it, he set me up.’ Well, there’s Exhibit A. That’s how it’s done.” 

Here is the actual footage from inside Andrews' shop showing the planting of evidence with exceptional clarity.

This informant, and more importantly the lack of oversight, are a massive step back for law enforcement nationwide... The only thing that can darken this story will be the informant's quite predictable tale that he was just following orders and the investigators instructed him to do so. Unfortunately for the department involved, no matter how highly probable it is that the informant is lying, the community will have seeds of doubt already planted as they have seen video proof of commandments being broken.

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