Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When is it appropriate for law enforcement officers to shoot down as citizen's 'watchdog' camera drone?

Can police confidently fire shots at a citizen's camera equipped drone?

Without getting into the rights-issues with 'public spaces' and legal maneuvers regarding any lack of assumption of privacy, and without getting into to the weeds regarding safety; is it ever appropriate to open fire on a citizen's drone as it hovers over an operation recording every interaction in HD?

While some may argue that the hobby-shop 'eye in the sky' is simply a matter of checks and balances designed to expose genuine abuse, others may argue that being present and recording witnesses as they are entering the van for a ride-a-long and possibly dropped off at their residence after making an ID, is not an ideal addition to an unknown recorder's video library...

Whereas some in the community may see the drone through rose-colored lenses and insist that it can only be a quite obvious tool of a pious member of the community, it is quite possible that it's the tool of less righteous neighbors whose goal is expose under cover and informant resources - even if accidentally...

Technology moves faster than law.

Without fuelling paranoia the fact remains that this weaponized drone is not the latest addition to the CIA's air force, but is rather a citizen hack that's fairly easy to assemble. The hum of a drone lingering behind you gets a bit more unnerving after seeing a few of these "machine gun drone" videos:

Without knowing the particulars, I have to say that the video below shows a well placed shot hitting a drone and I can't help but wonder if there wasn't a bit of 'high-fiving' going seconds after (scrub to the 25th second):

ACTUAL SCENE OF TURKISH POLICE SHOOTING RC DRONE / Polisin Ucan Kamerayi Vurma Ani [HD] from Jenk K on Vimeo.


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